“Skye taught us parenting techniques to help our ADHD child.  She coached us through the process of creating and implementing structure and consistency in order to provide stability for our whole family. We argue a lot less, which is great!” ~A.L., Relieved Parent

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Whether you have a traditional or blended family, parenting can be a challenge.  Skye helps parents learn about what is motivating the behavior of the child, how the parent contributes to negative behavior cycles, and how to collaboratively find solutions that work within the family system.

Every child is different and often, what works with one child, does not work with other children in the family.  Sometimes parents disagree about parenting techniques or step and half siblings are treated differently than the biological children of both parents in the home.  These are difficult things to understand and navigate.  It is okay to ask for help before things get worse.

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Your family is not “too broken” or “too crazy” for counseling.  None of us are born knowing how to be a good parent.  Much of the time, a few simple techniques can make a world of difference, such as listening to make the other person feel understood, sticking to a night time routine, establishing a child-driven reward system, or giving the child two options for every situation.

Skye started working with Oppositional Defiant children and their parents in 2002.  She has worked with children suffering from trauma, ADHD, adjustment disorder, reactive attachment disorder, conduct disorder, depression, suicidal ideation, cutting behavior, and anxiety, among many others.  Utilizing a combination of therapeutic techniques, including Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Behavioral Modification, Skye is able to find simple and reliable solutions to help the family lower conflict.

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