“I was court-ordered to substance abuse counseling and was convinced that I did not have a problem with addiction.  Skye helped me understand that addiction is complex and that I was destroying myself socially, economically, and spiritually.  I am grateful for the help I received.” V.H., Recovering Alcoholic

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I help individuals struggling with addiction from a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual perspective.  This perspective incorporates the biology of the brain and body, the development of dysfunctional thoughts and coping skills, and the interaction between the self-concept, others, and the transcendent. Addictions can range from drug and alcohol addiction to less well-known addictions such as exercise or sex addiction, eating disorders, compulsive gambling or shopping, gaming or internet porn, and cutting or other forms of self-harm. Any behavior that illicits an obsessive-compulsive craving is generally thought of as addictive behavior.

Effects of Addiction

The biological effects of addiction are fairly well documented, but research is always developing in this field of study. We know that addiction is part chemical, and “feel good” chemicals are released in our brains when we think about getting a “fix,” when we actually get a “fix,” or when we remember a “fix” we have gotten in the past. Moving past these biological effects can be difficult, but usually ameliorates over time with treatment.


Psychological effects include the super-highway of neural connections that link thoughts and feelings with the “high.” This can be one of the most confounding aspects of addiction treatment. Feeling State Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have shown promise in this area.

“Therapy is way cheaper than my addiction ever was. My addiction cost me my family and nearly cost me my career. Since I’ve been seeing Skye, my thinking and feelings have changed for the better. I’m able see my kids more often and I even got a promotion at work!” ~L.J.

The socio-spiritual effects the way that we think about and behave toward ourselves, others, and the transcendent. Sometimes, this is the part of therapy that is most time consuming. This is the part where we have to take a deep look at ourselves, sit with the things that make us feel the most uncomfortable without banishing them, and learn to see ourselves in a different way – a way that is not “good” or “bad,” but as “learning.” The way we see ourselves is often a direct reflection of how we think other people or god sees us. If that method has failed you, you are in good company, and may benefit from counseling.

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There are thousands of alcohol and drug treatment programs in the United States and more are added every day. Knowing where you might get the most benefit can be invaluable to you and your family. Call me for a free consultation at 706-864-5674. I may not be the right therapist for you, but I can help point you in the right direction.