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“Skye helped our clients come to an agreed upon custody and parenting plan that they could both live with, without us going to court.  She saved our clients thousands of dollars and saved the children from being conflicted.” ~J.L., Attorney

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Custody: Will the kids be ok? Will I be ok? What should I do? Answers: Yes. Yes. Call Skye.

You will have so many questions that do not have answers.  The one answer that we know for sure is that you will be more satisfied with a decision you make yourself versus a decision a judge makes for you.

What is mediation? Mediation can be described as a conversation or negotiation between parties that disagree and want to resolve their dispute. In many cases, the courts will order the parties of a case to mediation before hearing the case in a courtroom. For example, it is common for judges to send divorce cases to mediation. The reason for this is simple: if you and the opposing party identify a solution on your own, you will be much happier (and more likely to comply) with the resolution than if your case is decided by a judge.

Skye is available to act as a mediator in the development of your parenting plan. She’s ready to help you find a resolution and move forward. The advantage to hiring Skye to be your mediator is that she brings the compassion and listening skills of a counselor into the mediation, which means that both you and the opposing party are more likely to feel heard. Lawyers aren’t trained the same way, and they often have a more difficult time identifying solutions.

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