Fixing is not our job

Fixing is not our job. Wow! This hit home with me. As I read this, I thought back to different relationships, both friendships and romantic relationships, and realized how many times I had tried to fix someone or ended up parenting them. I often felt that I needed to fix them because they were broke in some form or fashion. This ranged from people who were abused as children up to grown men who still clung to their mothers. We need to remind ourselves that fixing is not our job.

Why do we do this? What causes us to feel like we need to fix or are responsible for others? Do we do this so that we don’t have to look at ourselves and see our broken pieces? Do we not know how to fix us if we are broken? Is it the mother instinct that we are born with?

What would happen if we took all of the energy we spend on fixing others, and used it to make a better version of ourselves?