Laura’s In The News!

SkyeHelps intern Laura Rodes is in a UNG News article highlighting her research with Jacob Henze. Laura and Jacob worked together under the direction of Dr. Bryan Dawson to determine whether “groups have better collective memories than individuals when it comes to problem-solving.” In this case, the problem was to look at a map and determine the best route between two points on the map. The individual versus group treatment was crossed with a 2-D versus 3-D treatment, using a classical 2-way ANOVA design. If that sounds complicated, just look at the picture below. It shows how group size and map type were crossed to create 4 different combinations that Laura and Jacob used in their data analysis.

They wanted to “see if groups would be more accurate at correctly solving problems than individuals due to the fact that groups can work together and express different ideas. They also want to see if using a three-dimensional map will help the participants chart a shorter and quicker route between two points. Groups bear advantages such as collaboration and the ability to verbally discuss the advantages and disadvantages of determining which route to travel compared to an individual.”

Laura and Jacob will present their findings at the Southeastern Psychological Association’s 64th annual meeting March 6-9 in Charleston, South Carolina.

SkyeHelps is very proud of Laura and the work she did with Jacob. Original research like theirs is important because it helps psychologists and counselors understand how our brains work and how we interact with others. The results of studies like this, when added to the results of similar studies, have immediate applications in family counseling, group counseling, and leadership training.