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My Story is like your story

My story is like your story. It’s about learning to find my way, identify my passion, balance life’s many demands, and learning to become a complete woman. Have I made it there yet? No, there’s always room for improvement. Have I grown and changed? Yes! And I want to help you grow, too.

My experiences are an important part of my education. They shaped me as much or more than any of the formal training I completed, and I believe that the lessons I learned are worth sharing. I learned to listen, I learned compassion, I learned gratitude, and I learned to persevere. I experienced depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I still do. I learned to love deeper, live better, and control my intent. But most of all, I learned to grow!

SkyeHelps is the product of my passion, formal training, and life lessons. It’s where I bring together the raw ingredients that make me who I am. It’s where I find fulfillment by listening to your stories and helping you make sense of them in the context of your other life experiences. And, because I’ve had to do the same things that I ask you to do, I get it. No, our experiences are not exactly alike. But, they’re more similar than they are different, and I’m also not afraid to listen to you and hear about your specific feelings.

My story helps me be the best counselor I can be. When you choose me, you choose a counselor who:

  • Has compassion and empathy
  • Who listens well and can teach you to listen too
  • Who can help you make a plan for growth
  • Who will hold you accountable but understands your limitations, too

My story includes others

My story is the story of my children, my partnerships, my family, my friends, my education, and my life’s work. There are many people in my life, and the person I am today was molded, in part, by those who have touched my life.

My story includes formal education

Nobody wants a counselor who only “went to the school of hard knocks.” You want a professional. You want someone equipped with the proper tools and a working knowledge of how to use them. You probably also want someone intelligent and creative enough to know that sometimes old tools can be used in new ways. And whoever you choose, you also want them to have enough life experience to know that sometimes the fancy tools are no substitute for the simpler things that worked well in the past.

If I you think I just described the perfect training for a counselor, then you’ll probably like how I work with you. I never stop learning, and I always try to do part of my thinking “outside the box.” The goal, as I see it, is to provide you with the very best counseling experience possible, and that means that I spend a lot of time learning about the tools of my profession and keeping up-to-date with new ideas. You can read more about my training below:

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Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling,
Bachelor of Science, Psychology
Certificate of General Mediation,
Mediation Specialist Certificate: Domestic Relations
LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), GA

CPTS (Certified Professional Trauma Specialist)


After earning her undergraduate degree in psychology, Skye worked as a Therapeutic Wilderness Instructor at a boarding school for Oppositional Defiant youth. She returned to school to earn her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a certificate in General Mediation with a specialist certificate in Domestic Relations. Skye has worked with Family Treatment Court, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services, Department of Family and Children Services, Individuals of all ages and a wide range of issues.

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Intake (Prerequisite for individual, couples, and family counseling as well as co-yoga.) $250 50 Minutes
Individual Counseling (Intake is prerequisite.) $150 50 Minutes
Couples/Family Counseling (Intake is prerequisite.) $175 50 Minutes
Couples/Family Weekend Intensive (Skye meets with each member individually followed by joint sessions over the course of 2 days.) $1,200 360 Minutes
Drug/Alcohol, Parenting, or Domestic Violence Assessment (Additional Court Fees Apply) $1,500 50-120 Minutes
Group Yoga with Blair Kawa (price per person) $20 60 Minutes
Yoga with Blair Kawa (patient only) $55 60 Minutes
Co-Yoga with Blair Kawa (Skye and Blair meet with patient together; Intake is prerequisite.) $205 50 Minutes

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