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SkyeHelps Counseling & Wellness offers in-person and online relationship counseling for folks and folx.


“You’re not listening” is the most common phrase we hear in relationship counseling. The truth is…you’re not listening. Mostly, because you don’t know what listening is.

You will never understand another person. You’ll be lucky if you understand yourself. In order to feel understood, we need to listen. Most us have learned that listening is about understanding our partner. It’s not. Listening is about helping your partner feel understood. At SkyeHelps, you’ll learn how to do that.

Relationships are tough and do not come with an instruction manual.  Infidelity, conflict, communication and money problems can all lead to a broken relationship that feel too complicated to be fixed. No one is feeling heard or understood.

Many couples come to counseling only when there is a “deal breaker” in the marriage and one or both partners are considering leaving the home or the marriage all-together; a reactive approach.  We help by facilitating good listening and communication skills, giving homework that focuses on the thought patterns of each partner, and assessing communication patterns and beliefs in session. 

These sessions can take place an hour at a time over several weeks or months, or you may choose to do a weekend intensive that consists of eight hours of therapy over the course of two days as well as relationship building activities to bring you and your partner closer.

Relationship counseling can be proactive as well as reactive.  Before you move in together, get engaged or married, consider going to counseling to make sure you have the knowledge of yourself and your partner and the cognitive and emotional skills to make the relationship the best it can be.

We will teach you how to say what you mean, listen to your partner so they feel understood, to work through the problems in your relationship, and be happy partnership.  All relationship situations are welcome without regard to race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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